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At Medical Specialists of Fairfield, we understand a cancer diagnosis can be upsetting and even confusing. From the moment you contact us, at your first appointment and through each subsequent visit, you are the focus of our
care, and we treat the whole person as well as the illness.


Chemotherapy treats cancer cells that have metastasized (spread) to other parts of the body. Depending on the type of cancer and its stage of development, chemotherapy can be used to cure cancer, to keep the cancer from spreading, to slow the cancer’s growth, to kill cancer cells that may have spread to other parts of the body, or to relieve symptoms caused by cancer. All treatments vary.

How often and how long you get chemotherapy depends on the kind of cancer you have, the goals of the treatment, the drugs that are used and how your body responds to the drugs.

Hormonal Therapy

Hormones are released directly into the bloodstream and have a specific effect on cells and organs in the body, stimulating or turning off their growth. This may have a direct effect on cancer cell growth. Depending on your diagnosis, your hormonal therapy may be prescribed orally or intravenously. Hormonal therapy that is prescribed intravenously can be conveniently scheduled on-site at your Medical Specialists facility.


If the cancer appears localized (confined to one area), surgery may be used to remove it, along with any surrounding tissue that might contain cancer cells. Surgery is often the first treatment choice for many cancers.

Radiation Therapy

Radiation therapy is also used for localized cancer. Performed by a radiation oncologist with the latest technology, beams of radiation destroy or damage cancer cells so that they are unable to multiply. Radiation therapy may be used alone or in combination with surgery and chemotherapy.


Biologic therapy-a promising new treatment for certain cancers-uses the body’s immune system to fight cancer or lessen the side effects of some cancer treatment. It is sometimes referred to as immunotherapy, biotherapy, or biological response modifier therapy. Biotherapy can be effective in keeping a patient’s mindset “positive.”

Complementary Therapy

Complementary Therapy focuses on the mind, body and spirit, and are not intended to replace medical approaches, but add to a patient’s treatment regiment. Complementary therapies may assist patients in reducing stress, coping with the side effects of cancer and cancer treatment, and promote well-being. If you are interested in pursuing complementary therapy approach to your recommended treatment plan, your Medical Specialists Oncologist welcomes the discussion and will work with the practitioner(s) you select (i.e., homeopathic physicians, chiropractors, mind body therapists, dietitians, social workers, counselors, etc.).

Clinical Trials

Clinical trials are carefully designed patient research studies that test new ways to treat specific types of cancer. They often involve the evaluation of a new cancer drug or a new combination of existing drugs. Participation is completely voluntary. If you are a candidate for a clinical trial, your doctor or nurse will explain the study to you in detail and give you a form to read and sign indicating your understanding and desire to participate.

Psychological Wellness Programs

Medical Specialists of Fairfield is pleased to offer two evidence-based psychological wellness programs facilitated by Kelly Reznikoff, M.A.

Mindfulness Based Cancer Recovery and Positive Psychology Solutions