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On Site Chemotherapy

Convenient On Site Chemotherapy


For patients whose treatment plan includes chemotherapy, Medical Specialists offers the convenience of an onsite Chemotherapy Center. While many hospitals provide chemotherapy on both an inpatient and an outpatient basis, Medical Specialists Chemotherapy Center is easily accessible by local roads and major highways, making it closer to home. Our locations also offer abundant parking, extremely close to our facility. And you have the added value and comfort of being treated at your physician’s office.

What really distinguish Medical Specialists Chemotherapy Center is the combination of the nursing staff and the sense of community that develops amongst Medical Specialists patients.

Compassionate Nursing Care

The Chemotherapy Center is staffed by professional registered nurses with special training in oncology and chemotherapy. Their role includes patient assessment, mixing of the chemotherapy drugs, administration of the chemotherapy, and patient education.

Our nurses genuinely connect with each patient and understand the life altering effects a cancer diagnosis has on an individual. Whether through humor or friendly conversation, patients are put at ease while receiving acute patient attention from the checking of intravenous line to discussing the affects of their treatment.

Our compassionate nurses pride themselves on diminishing the fears associated with chemotherapy by both the patient and their family. In fact the nursing staff addresses the anxiety associated with a cancer diagnosis and chemotherapy even before treatment begins. Each patient and their family receives appropriate information regarding their treatment and a nurse is provided as a contact that can be called at anytime to answer additional questions.

Atmosphere of Bonding

While nurses convey both compassion and humor, our patients also contribute to atmosphere of bonding and community. Through stories about family, tips on care, and general conversation, both patients and the nurses create a surprisingly fun experience. But don’t take our word for it, see what some of our patients have to stay.

 Your First Chemotherapy Visit

Prior to your first chemotherapy session, you will be given a tour and an explanation about your chemotherapy treatment. Your questions regarding whether you will get sick from the chemotherapy, will you lose your hair, and how long you will be receiving treatment, will all be answered. In fact, due to advances in the field of medicine, many of your common conceptions about chemotherapy may be dispelled.

Treatments are individualized based upon diagnosis and your treatment plan, so length of each individual’s treatment varies from a half hour to eight hours. Duration and frequency of a patient’s chemotherapy treatment also depends on each patient’s treatment plan. Side effects also vary among patients for a variety of reasons, but the Medical Specialists staff will assist you in managing side effects, including referrals to community resources such as Look Good, Feel Better–a national program sponsored by the American Cancer Society which teaches tips on skin care, make-up application, wigs and accessories.

Patients are assessed before each treatment, and your blood work and health is evaluated before commencing a treatment. With ample respect for your time, your blood work is rapidly checked in our onsite laboratory, which is staffed by extremely skilled technicians, who turn your results around in five to ten minutes.

All chemotherapy drugs are prepared individually and calculated based on each respective diagnosis and each patient…in fact no single chemotherapy treatment is the same.