Patient testimonials

What our patients have to say

Knowing and understanding the capabilities of a physician’s practice is important, but hearing about the intangibles from our patients is what separates Medical Specialists from other cancer specialists.

“This place is amazing. When it’s time for my treatment, my doctor comes to the waiting room, personally calls my name and welcomes me back. The first day I was here I had a difficult time facing the reality of my disease. They gave me all the time I needed and truly shared my concerns.”
—Bunny, who has been in treatment for three years

“They go beyond the expected–from going to bat with Congress to prevent some of our services to being cut, to offering flexible hours to meet patients’ hectic work schedules, to having a nurse quickly return your call when a crisis strikes.”
—Myra, director of a social services agency who often requires late afternoon appointment

“This has actually been a fun experience, and surprisingly so. In fact I look forward to my scheduled chemotherapy appointment. The environment at Medical Specialists just makes you feel comfortable. Patients share information and personal experiences–perfect strangers open up immediately due to the climate–and it makes dealing with cancer easier.

The nurses are incredible. They truly are breeds apart at Medical Specialists. Most have cancer in their family, and really understand what you are going through. But they help set a tone, and along with the patients, create an enjoyable climate. They also offer great quality of care and express genuine concern for a patient. They make follow-up calls at 7 p.m. to see how you are doing. They go over and above the call of duty.

You are treated like a human being, not a cancer patient. Through both the nurses and patients at Medical Specialists you have an awareness that there is life after cancer–and it’s still worth living.”
—Bill, a chemotherapy patient